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Sat 21 Sep 2024
Ryedale Garden Photography Session
9am - 11:30am
£60.00 per person (includes access to Walled Garden)
Learn how to take beautiful photographs using our gardens!
Ryedale Garden Photography workshops are back this spring and autumn with a range of different events at the region’s best gardens. These small group photography workshops are led by experienced photographer Dave Bakes. They are great opportunity to dust off that camera and get practicing.


Getting out into nature with a camera and looking, is a fantastic way to engage with the world. It helps us relate to our environment and boosts our mental health. The colours, forms, and textures of the garden give us a near-endless supply of material to fill our lenses.

The process of capturing that beauty is not always easy. The technical process of making a photograph the way you want it to be is ongoing. Through learning, practice, and repetition, we can harness the power of the camera to show the beauty of nature.

My workshops are planned to help you do that. Great for beginners who want to move beyond the automatic modes of the camera and understand how it works.
My years of teaching experience have helped me appreciate that practical, hands-on practice is the fastest way to improve your knowledge and practice. Having someone there to work with, ask questions, and show images to, can greatly help your photography.

During the workshop, we will cover camera settings and how they relate to exposure, depth of field and image quality. We will also concentrate on composition. We will slow things down and consider what we are photographing.

I want you to leave the workshop knowing more than when you started and with images you would not have taken before.

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