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Sun 10 Jul 2022
Botanical Plaster Casting Workshop
10am - 2.30pm
£40 (including materials and tea and biscuits)
Try your hand at the beautiful craft of botanical plaster casting in our stunning conservatory!
botanical plaster casting
During this workshop, you will explore the process involved in plaster casting, completing a clay mould, which will be used to reveal a plaster cast of flowers. The workshop will take place in Scampston Walled Garden’s conservatory and inspiration will be drawn from the beauty found in the garden throughout the summer season.

This method of nature painting will capture the texture, pattern and delicacy of flowers and plants. An adaption of a simple method of casting moulds for ceramics will be explored, and with guidance, you will press and arrange foliage onto wet clay. The magical moment will occur when the plaster is set and the clay mould is lifted away to reveal the plants in their plaster incarnation. Colour can also be applied to highlight and create depth within your artwork.

This session is suitable for everyone. A selection of foliage will be supplied by the tutor; however, we recommend that you bring some blooms and plant which are personal to you. They can be wildflowers, leaves, grasses, lavender, poppies, seed pods, or anything that can be carefully selected and pressed into a 10 x 10-inch square. Textured objects such as shells, fabrics and stones can also be brought.

Your tutor, Poppy Oldham, is an experienced educator who currently lives and works in North Yorkshire. She is a trained teacher and enjoys sharing her multi-disciplinary practice across the region with local community groups, schools, museums and galleries.

Lunch Options:

You are welcome to bring your own lunch to eat in the conservatory. Tea and coffee will be provided. Lunch can also be ordered from Scampston Garden Café. To pre-book lunch, please contact The Bothies directly on 01944 753105 or email thebothies@scampston.co.uk one week before the course date.

Please notify the tutor if you have any allergies that should be considered within this context.

More information
If you have any questions or would like to request any further information, guidance or support, please contact the tutor directly.

Email: poppyloveoldham@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.poppyloveoldham.co.uk
Instagram: @poppyloveoldham
Facebook: @poppyloveoldham
Booking Information
Bookings are being managed directly by the tutor. To reserve your space please email Poppy via poppyloveoldham@hotmail.co.uk. Your place will only be confirmed once payment has been received. A full refund will be given up to 1 month prior the workshop taking place by the tutor. Any cancellations after this period will be considered on a case-by-case basis but it is unlikely a full refund will be issued. Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell and if for any reason you can no longer attend, please notify the tutor as soon as you can.

Contact Details
Contact Name: Poppy Love Oldham
Email: poppyloveoldham@hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 01944 753105